Conference Publications

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    One Simple API Can Cause Hundreds of Bugs An Analysis of Refcounting Bugs in All Modern Linux Kernels. SOSP’23. 2023.
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    Building Critical Testing Scenarios for Autonomous Driving from Real Accidents. ISSTA, 2023.
  6. Shihao Zhu, Yuqi Guo, Long Zhang, and Yan Cai.
    Tolerate Control-Flow Changes for Sound Data Race Prediction.
    ICSE, 2023.
  7. Liang He, Hong Hu, Purui Su, Yan Cai, and Zhenkai Liang.
    FreeWill: Automatically Diagnosing Use-after-free Bugs via Reference Miscounting Detection on Binaries. USENIX Security’22, 2022.
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    Detecting Concurrency Vulnerabilities Based on Partial Orders of Memory and Thread Events. ESEC/FSE’21, 2021.
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    RAProducer: Efficiently Diagnose and Reproduce Data Race Bugs for Binaries via Trace Analysis. ISSTA’21, 2021.
  11. Meng Ren, Zijing Yin, Fuchen Ma, Zhenyang Xu, Yu Jiang, Chengnian Sun, Huizhong Li, and Yan Cai.
    Empirical Evaluation of Smart Contract Testing: What Is the Best Choice? ISSTA’21, 2021.
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    ConcSpectre: Be Aware of Forthcoming Malware Hidden in Concurrent Programs. QRS, 2021. Best Paper Award.
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    Adaptively Generating High Quality Fixes for Atomicity ViolationsESEC/FSE’17, 2017.
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    AtexRace: Across Thread and Execution Sampling for In-house Race DetectionESEC/FSE’17, 2017.
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    UnDead: Detecting and Tolerating Deadlocks in Production SoftwareASE’17, 2017.
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Journal Publications

  1. Chang-ai Sun, Hepeng Dai, Ning Geng, Huai Liu, Tsong Chen, Peng Wu, Yan Cai, Jinqiu Wang.
    An Interleaving Guided Metamorphic Testing Approach for Concurrent Programs. ACM TOSEM, accepted, 2023.
  2. Yutian Tang, Hao Zhou, Xiapu Luo, Ting Chen, Haoyu Wang, Zhou Xu, and Yan Cai.
    XDebloat: Towards Automated Feature-Oriented App Debloating. IEEE TSE, 2022.
  3. Yang Liu, Zisen Xu, Ming Fan, Yu Hao, Kai Chen, Hao Chen, Yan Cai, Zijiang Yang, Ting Liu. ConcSpectre: Be Aware of Forthcoming Malware Hidden in Concurrent Programs. IEEE TRel, 2022.
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    In Quest of the Science in Statistical Fault LocalizationSPE, 2013.

Papers in Chinese

  1. 张健, 张超,玄跻峰, 熊英飞, 王千祥, 梁彬, 李炼, 窦文生, 陈振邦, 陈立前, 蔡彦.
    Recent Progress in Program Analysis (程序分析研究进展)JOS, 2019.