I am interested in testing and analyzing large-scale programs, such as detection of concurrency issues and security bugs. My main works are as follows:

  • Vulnerabilities
    • Understand concurrency vulnerabilities: ESEC/FSE 2019.
    • Understand vulnerabilities on Android: SANER 2020.
  • Concurrency
    • Deadlock detection, from prediction (ICSE 2020, ICSE 2012, IEEE TSE 2014) to isolation (ASE 2016, TSE 2016, ICSE 2014, IEEE TPDS 2015, PPoPP 2013, ICSE 2012).
    • High quality strategy for concurrency bug fixing/repair: FSE 2017a, ICSE 2016a.
    • Data race detection, such as sampling and active detection: FSE 2017b, FSE 2016, FSE 2015.
  • Mining
    • Rule based bug mining (ICSE 2016b, ESEC/FSE 2018, IEEE TSE 2019).

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Recent Publications (more)

  1. Yan Cai, Ruijie Meng, and Jens Palsberg. Low-Overhead Deadlock Prediction. ICSE’20, accepted.
  2. Yan Cai, Yutian Tang, Haicheng Li, Le Yu, Hao Zhou, Xiapu Luo, Liang He, and Purui Su, Resource Race Attacks on Android, SANER’20, accepted.
  3. Ruijie Meng, Biyun Zhu, Hao Yun, Haicheng Li, Yan Cai, and Zijiang Yang. ConVul: An Effective Tool for Detecting Concurrency Vulnerabilities. ASE’19 (Tool Demo), 2019.
  4. Yan Cai, Biyun Zhu, Ruijie Meng, Hao Yun, Liang He, Purui Su, and Bin Liang. Detecting Concurrency Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities. ESEC/FSE’19, 2019.
  5. Jialiang Chang, Bo Gao, Hao Xiao, Jun Sun, Yan Cai and Zijiang Yang. sCompile: Critical Path Identification and Analysis for Smart Contracts. ICFEM’19, 2019.
  6. Bian Pan, Liang Bin, Zhang Yan, Yang Chaoqun, Shi Wenchang, and Yan Cai. Detecting Bugs by Discovering Expectations and Their Violations. IEEE TSE, 2019.